Halkidiki Thermal Spa


Thermal Spa Agia Paraskevi Kassandra

Instructions for hydrotherapy

If you require a certificate for hydrotherapy treatment you must contact, at once, the manager of the hydrotherapy spa.

Do not start your therapy before you consult the hydrotherapy spa doctor.

You must follow, in the interest of your health, the doctor’s orders that are indicated on your pass as to the type of therapy, the duration and the number of treatments that can be done.

Do not change the temperature of the spa by yourself.

High Temperature is detrimental and can often cause accidents.

Examination by a doctor is mandatory for the bather and is FREE (L.P. 3016/54) at the hydrotherapy spa infirmary during working hours.

You can also go to the infirmary during your therapy when it is necessary and inquire about the course of your medical condition and the spa without obligation of payment.